Humanisme numérique - communications-intervenants

La communication numérique dans l’amélioration des compétences en ressources pédagogiques des acteurs éducatifs en Indonésie

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The quality of the processes and teaching output, among others, has been influenced by the nature of the communication utilized by educators, in particular for the students in both in elementary and secondary schools. Based on research conducted in a number of schools in Indonesia, it appears that digital communication using digital messages on computers has contributed to the improvement of the competence of educators in the teaching process. Since digital communication is one of the elements promoted in the latest educational policies of the Indonesian government, the teaching administration has emphasized the central role of online systems of learning, under the central Ministry of Education and Culture. Using the explanatory method in a survey of a number of educators, this research recommends the use of digital visual communication in order to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, i. e., among others, by encouraging educators to improve their ability to use digital teaching.