“Media regulation and communicational challenges” : HACA general manager at the international university of Rabat

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Jamal Eddine Naji, General Manager of the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication –HACA, and president of the Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication–ORBICOM, gave a three hour conference at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the International University of Rabat, to discuss the path to the autoregulation of media. The Department of Communication Sciences and Technology, in collaboration with the laboratory of « Language, Translation, Communication and Culture » (LT2C), organized this event within the framework of the HACA’s strategy to accompany researchers and doctorates in this field of study. Mr. Naji, initiated his intervention making a retrospective of the media, clarifying in this way the historical, political and cultural context of every phase of its evolution, its role and its influence on the society. Then, he reminded that « the models of regulation that are convincing due to their efficacy and excellence, have evolved from regulation to autoregulation, often passing through an intermediate phase of « coregulation » between media and the regulatory agency. According to HACA’s General Manager, the autoregulation of media through fixed and self imposed rules, should allow the « good practices » of journalism to flourish. In the second part of the conference the assistants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the expert pannel composed of Jammal Eddine Naji Arousi Idrissi, Hammoummi Arousi Idrissi. This conference was also an opportunity to clarify the role of HACA usually viewed as a « cop of the audiovisual ». HACA exerts this role of regulator in the context of negotiations and exchanges with the media, with the objective of improving the contents, the deontology and ethics, « the regulation on this field, counting on this dimension of professionalism and honest or sincere democratic sense ». Dictated at the amphitheatre « Charif Al Idrissi » (first Moroccan geographer) this conference constituted an approximation of the High Authority of Audiovisual Communication to the International University of Rabat, to advance in the democratization of the Landscape Audiovisuel National of Morocco, PAN.


http://www.haca.ma/fr/actualites/-la-rgulation-des-mdias-et-enjeuxcommunicationnels-% C2-confrence-de-m-naji-la-facult