Seminar “Accumulations and accelerations: the world’s snowball effect”

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The transition into the speed of light for most computer processes and applications, has involved an acceleration of the obsolescence of the old. A frenetic race for the improvement of the human at unimaginable levels has been unleashed, and with it an artificialization of the existence that ravages the individual. The emblematic message of technological development “faster, higher, stronger” leaves on the way frustration, anguish or the desire for revenge of those who cannot get into this superhuman model. Society and politics cannot react to the speed of change and, without the time required for democratic deliberation, they are ready to sacrifice legal guarantees. “So, “intensification” and “runaway” are the keywords of this world, much like a snowball effect, where the snowball gets bigger and denser as it goes down the slope” Under the direction of Christopher Pollmann, Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Lorraine (Metz) and Visiting Fellow of Harvard Law School, the EHESS welcomes students and researchers, as well as any interested person, to the 6th session of the seminar “Accumulations and accelerations: The World’s Snowball” which began in October 2016. This free seminar, inspired by an interactive pedagogy, is the second seminar derived from professor Pollmann’s research project “The ambivalence of modernity”. His first seminar “Accelerations and regulations. Challenges of the speed to live together” took place from 2015 to 2016. The next session will take place on Monday, May 14, 2018 from 18 to 20 h at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences, EHESS (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales), 54 Boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris.